Lion Kimbro, 2014

Lion Kimbro

I live in Seattle, WA. I travel through the left coast (Seattle-Santa Cruz) & Hawaii, yearly.

My life is dedicated to creating a Society of Dream, around the themes of:

I also write about:

I am involved with Next Culture as developed by Paul and Anette and New Culture efforts. I am also connected with Tamera and Damanhur, though not in any official capacities.

I program extensively in Python, C, and Forth.

Previously, I have been a co-founder of CommunityWiki (a wiki often focusing on online communities and theories of reason), founder of Saturday House (a community space in Seattle), and co-founder of Jigsaw Renaissance (a maker space in Seattle).

I presently live in a group house called "Stroud House," in the Greenlake area; We are just now forming, (as of Dec 2014,) and do not have a website yet.


Big things presently alive in my life (2014-12-18):

Message me at 206.427.2545 to RSVP for any events, and I'll send you the address.


Rainforest in Oahu, 2014

I went to Hawaii!

I had a great time!

Sadly, I lost most of the photos from the trip, when I upgraded my iPhone. Don't use encryption in the rollover process — it won't ask you for a new password, if you had one, say, a year ago! or 206.427.2545 (SMS, cell)