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House Conversations 2015-03-26 11 AM greenlakegrouphouse conversation report

Had a long conversation, MOSTLY with Rea, partly with Florian and Sarah, last night, in two sessions.

Session #1: The Society of Dream, the Greenlake Group House, what is needed in terms of communications, action potentials, the mutual trap of head-space, lessons learned from observing the Pegasus Corporation organizing.

Session #2 (with Florian as well): Men and Women (and sex). Florian reports from "The Mask You Live In." - Curious absense of anything about sexual attraction or the role of sex. Agenda of radical feminists: re-molding masculinity and men. Giving dolls to boys. Keep your hands off our porn, or we'll raid your vibrators and romance novels. Sanctity of the imagination. Letta's story about boys raiding a dumpster because someone saw a hint of pornography. Considering two images from Dragon's Crown. First image: Rea's disgust, Florian's disinterest, Lion's passionate enthusiasm. Rea's proxy appreciation via Lion. Whence disgust? Second image, mutual feeling: connective sadness, fear, and beauty. Lion's theory on why men relate to this image: the isolated man. Rea's tears, and a vast rift between men and women. Potentials glimpsed via Summer Camp, and a reserve. Slut shaming. Men's envy. — (Enter Sarah.) Lion and Sarah: Creating the 1000 notch society.

If you could believe it, we played a test phase of Argent: The Consortium, as well, in the midst.

First Image from Dragon's Crown
Second Image from Dragon's Crown

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